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Treatment complications are more and more frequent with the new fibromyalgia treatments. Any new fibromyalgia treatment is always celebrated like a victory but is it always an effective fibromyalgia treatment?

Because fibromyalgia symptoms are so crippling, any new fibromyalgia treatment is welcomed but what about its real effects? These new fibromyalgia treatments are presented through very dubious studies with

.paid for authors

.short term studies

.side effects presented as futile

.no long-term follow-up

.a very intense lobbying by big Pharma

How come the FDA accepts those poor studies and the European union rejects them?

How come doctors prescribing them get disappointed but are silenced?

How come the main and most know drug is produced by a company that gets condemned twice by the FDA for false advertisement and improper behavior (250 million $ and 2.5 billion $)? Is it because the money is as big as the greed?

By telling complications of your treatment and keeping it open on the site (not hidden away in the archives of a blog), pressure will build up to avoid it.

Have you suffered fibromyalgia
treatment complications?

Your experience is many other's. Share it!

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I have felt so bad since my soft tissue cortisone shots! 
Hello, my name is Pam. I have had fibromyalgia for some years now. It gets so bad I can’t get up from a sitting position without feeling like my thighs …

I hardly prescribe drugs to treat FMS. It's because of the studies (and of course own experience). Look at for instance at L. Crofford's Pregabalin study: …

Living with pain - my story.  
My name is Michelle, I am a 51 year old french Canadian woman living with fibromyalgia. I looked up the definition of this in the dictionary. It states: …

John of Australia Not rated yet
I've had this condition since 1998 & have tried many types of medication, I still work a seasonal job 6 months of the year, life goes on, so keep …

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Treatment complications do not hapen only after drugs, they also happen with any surgery!

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