Some fibromyalgia symptoms are explained by toxins release

“Doc! Why do I suddenly get dizzy with pins and needles?”
Some fibromyalgia symptoms cannot be explained
by the muscle cells spasms

However, they can be explained by the sudden release of toxins produced in abnormal quantities by the spastic muscle cells, all those fibromyalgia pain points and achy joints.

We've seen that many toxins are produced by muscle cells in the state of uncontrolled contraction. Lactic acid, free radicals, substance P are the main culprits.

We've also seen that because of the contraction the local circulation is non-existent. The toxins produced in huge quantities accumulate and the cell membrane of the muscle cells is damaged.

The muscle cells, that will eventually die, release suddenly all the accumulated toxins. It leads to a kind of “toxic shock.”

The sudden onsets of dizziness and the feeling of losing balance are typical of symptoms due to toxin release.

When the amount of toxins is released in massive quantities it can even lead to fainting and falls.

. Pins and needles, mainly in the arms or legs are also typical.

They sometimes lead to worries about possible neurological problems and a battery of investigations may be ordered. They are always negative. This is when words such as “functional”, “psychogenic,” “essential”, “atypical” or “non-specific” are used. Labels such as “It’s all in your head”, "You're hypochondriac" or "It's hysteria" are wrongly uttered.

. Sudden onsets of feeling hot or cold is also very common.

Female patients who have had their menopause before developing fibromyalgia tell me that the hot flushes of menopause are different from the ones of fibromyalgia.

. Fibromyalgia and sex is marked by decreased sexual activity, decreased libido and impotence. They are most probably due to the release of toxins.

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A number of other fibromyalgia symptoms can be explained by a combination of the release of toxins and the uncontrolled contraction of muscle cells.

Finally some fibromyalgia symptoms can be explained only by the muscle cells spasms.

Understanding fibromyalgia is the first step towards relief.

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