Why A Big Pharma Page?

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Big Pharma controls the marketing and the education of doctors and nurses, pushing forward their unproven and dangerous products at a huge price for patients

. So called "new" products are untested

. Studies with poor results are hidden

. Illegal marketing precedes FDA authorization

. Doctors, nurses and deciders are paid by them

. Deciders base their decision on non-independent studies

. New drugs are not tested against known ones but only against placebo

. Their lobbyists become health advisors to Presidents

. Most "new" drugs are not new

. Most "new" drugs carry more risks than benefits

(All those points will be discussed with examples and references given. Come back regularly to check.)

And why is that?

Only one reason: Money.

Profits are the driving force behind those pharmaceuticals companies that do not stop at any criminal action and are making the world an unsafe place and the patients sicker.

Just one number:
5 years ago 110,000 people died of medications complications in the USA.
Last year: 130,000!

This makes medical deaths by medication the fourth cause of death in the USA after cardiovascular, cancer and strokes.

Pharmaceutical ethics are a dream becoming a nightmare!

Big Pharma is only driven by profits. Lyrica is one of the worst

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