Understanding fibromyalgia is understanding the role of the toxins

Understanding Fibromyalgia
"Doc! Why do I feel exhausted, dizzy, joints pains,pins & needles?"
It is due to the toxins released by your muscle cells

Every living cell produces toxins even at rest. Muscle cells increase their activity and energy production by up to 25 times from rest to contraction.

Given that 40% of the total bodies cells are muscle cells it is easy to understand that uncontrolled contraction of muscle cells is producing an enormous amount of toxins.

Fibromyalgia which is marked by uncontrolled contraction of muscle cells produces an enormous amount of toxins.

Those toxins are:

. lactic acid

. free radicals

. substance P etc... Lactic acid is a normal by-product of energy consumption. In fact, muscle cells are even able to use lactic acid to produce energy but it is not very efficient and is used as a last resort. An excess of lactic acid gives pain and fatigue. It is like the athlete who runs a 100m and is asked to carry on for a mile!

Free radicals are substances that carry a reactive electron or an excess of oxygen making them particularly reactive. The simplest example is hydrogen peroxide that is used to bleach hair. The body has the ability to remove free radicals in limited amount by using free radicals scavengers.

Substance P is produced by activated muscle cells and in the nervous system. It elicits pain and is found in excessive quantities in the blood, joints and cerebro-spinal fluid of fibromyalgia sufferers.

Those toxins are produced by the uncontrolled contraction of muscle cells in fibromyalgia. They are suddenly released in important quantities in the blood circulation. They are responsible for a kind of “toxic shock” that creates a number of varied early symptoms of fibromyalgia such as: fibromyalgia and arm pain, finger swollen etc...

They explain fibromyalgia joints pain as well as the sudden onsets of dizziness, pins and needles, fatigue etc...

This is why a huge array of fibromyalgia symptoms have been difficult to explain up to now. It also explains fibromyalgia flares that are so crippling and lead to fibromyalgia disability.

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Understanding fibromyalgia is also understanding

. The circulation problems

. The other muscle cells involved in fibromyalgia

. The muscle cells spasms

Understanding fibromyalgia is the first step towards relief

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