I often get the question about how much has fibromyalgia changed my life.

I have to think seriously about it before writing these notes to you.

Before being hit with fibromyalgia my life was quite different as is the case for most of you. The change was huge because it came on me suddenly.

I started whining

At first, as it happens in most chronic pain sufferers, I was very unhappy and it was the usual self-pity “why me ?”

However, after a few months, I realized that being unhappy about it was not going to make it easier for me. Ranting about it was not making it easier for my family, close friends and work colleagues.

I then realized, seeing other people in much worst conditions than mine, that in a way I was lucky. I remember walking and limping with pain.

The paralyzed chap in a wheelchair whose path I crossed would be quite happy to have my sore legs !

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Before my fibromyalgia I could run and climb mountains, but even then I was limited in what I could do. There was always a stage in my physical activity where it would get painful from over exertion at my level.

Even then I was limited, and I used to call my limitations “my Mount Everest”.

I had always been a great admirer of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing, the first men to climb and come back alive from Mount Everest.

I always suspected that even with hard training, I would not do it. Even thinking of those good times before fibro hit me, I realized that my “Mount Everest” had become lower.

Now, my Mount Everest is going shopping next door! 

No more whining

My New Mount Everest

Now, my ability to run is almost nil and my ability to climb is very limited to the hill next by. I had to adapt and find a way.

I am talking to you on my dictaphone from a path next to my home. I am carrying a light tripod stool which allows me to seat whenever the pain in my legs is too intense. It is not the most comfortable but at least I can seat whenever I need, and I can attach it to my light backpack if necessary. 

My Life has Become Much Healthier!!

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I have been thinking a lot about what my life has become.

Funny enough, my life is much healthier than it used to be.

I have improved it in all aspects of it: 

  • What I eat and drink
  • Supplements I take
  • Medications I take
  • My activity and exercises
  • My sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Control of hygiene and pollutions

I’ll try to summarize it for you in the next letter.

In the mean time stop whining !

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