Fibromyalgia treatment: the absolutely necessary longterm treatment

Fibromyalgia treatment: the long term treatment is addressing the two reasons why fibromyalgia symptoms have developed:

- the uncontrolled fibromyalgia muscle cells spasm

- the excessive fibromyalgia toxins release

We have seen that the uncontrolled muscle cells spasm in fibromyalgia is due to a genetic disorder causing the endoplasmic reticulum bag to leak.

It's increased by the lack of magnesium. This allows more leaking of calcium from the bag and less re-absorption of calcium back in the bag because of a decreased amount of energy production.

The first step of long-term fibromyalgia treatment is the supply of magnesium

However, it is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Many problems do exist:

- how to get it in the body

- how to get it in muscle cells.

How to get magnesium in the body?

The most common form is magnesium in the diet. But this is the reason why there is an increasing deficit of magnesium in our food. Our food contains less and less magnesium. This is because of the modern methods of farming. Fertilizers and pesticides have decreased the magnesium content of the plants.

A solution to control this deficit in fibromyalgia is the taking of supplements.

- The most common ones are magnesium salts. But not all salts of magnesium are well absorbed by the intestinal tract. The most ordinary form (and the cheapest) is magnesium oxyde whose absorption is only 4%! Added to this problem is the common usage of gastric antacids that decrease even more the absorption of magnesium salts.

- Another form is magnesium absorption through the skin.

But the problem does not end there. Once magnesium is in the body, it must go through the cell membranes to be used by the muscle cells. Cells that have been deprived of magnesium for a long time (as happens in fibromyalgia) can lose the ability to get magnesium through their membranes. Bioelectromagnetism in the form of Pulsed Magnetic Fields (or magnetic pulse therapy) can help getting the magnesium through because magnesium is attracted by magnetic fields.

The excessive toxin release in fibromyalgia can be helped by decreasing the pro-oxidants in our diet. They are mainly the processed carbohydrates.

The excessive toxin release in fibromyalgia can also be helped by increasing the anti-oxidants. Those can be found in the diet such as lemons or green tea. They can also be provided through supplements. One problem with supplements is to find those that do not contain any preservatives as they tend to increase the fibromyalgia symptoms. There again, pulsed magnetic fields can help the body to fight its own battle by decreasing the inflammatory reaction, improving the circulation and help removing the toxins, all processes of fibromyalgia.

But there is one difficulty: not everyone with fibromyalgia is responding the same way! Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) can precipitate the release of toxins and their effects. This is why every individual is specific and needs many adjustments to avoid those side effects.

The long-term treatment constitutes the basis of fibromyalgia new treatment.

The keyword with fibromyalgia is to avoid going too fast. The treatment must be gentle, progressive and individualised. It is what I call “the pediatric approach.”

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Whilst fibromyalgia longterm treatment is indispensable for long term results, the general treatment give a summary approach of what fibromyalgia treatments can do.

Whilst fibromyalgia treatment rests on the long-term treatment it can be sped up by the mid-term treatment.

Breakthrough pain can benefit from the short-term treatment.

Understanding fibromyalgia is the first step towards relief.

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