by Lothar M. Kirsch
(Cologne, Germany)

I hardly prescribe drugs to treat FMS. It's because of the studies (and of course own experience). Look at for instance at L. Crofford's Pregabalin study: less than 30% in the 450 mg group had 50% pain reduction, no significant effect in the 300 mg and 150 mg groups. Only one of all adverse events (dizziness) was present in about 65% of the patients in the 450 mg group. More side effects than effects! Yet, the drug got an approval by FDA and EMEA.

Dr. med. Lothar M. Kirsch

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Lyrica was not a suitable treatment for me
by: Anonymous

Thanks Dr Kirsch for you comment on Pregabalin. I am a fibromyalgia patient living in Germany. I suffered 5 years until they diagnosed my disease. Then the journey with Lyrica started and was even worse. I lost my focus working on my PhD dissertation, I had always foggy brain, and once I decided to stop lyrica, I felt much better. Therefore, I decided to treat fibro by changing my life style and to stop being dependent on medications. I still think that there could be no suitable medication for fibro as long as doctors still cannot diagnose it easily! Without understanding the disease, it is hard to get the real medication.

Pregabalin (Lyrica) and EMEA
by: Philippe

Thank you for your comment and your courage to take position against pregabalin (Lyrica). We all know that Big Pharma is very active on doctors, sometimes not hesitating to launch campaigns against those who dare criticize them or their products.

In July 2009, the EMEA refused to recognize pregabalin in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Has there been any change since?

When that happened Pfizer CEO declared that it was costing them 2 billion $ in lost revenue! To note, that they have been condemned twice by the FDA for false advertisement towards doctors. Are they carrying on? I could foresee their tactics: "fibromyalgia is a central pain, pregabalin is recognized for treating neuropathic pains (central and peripheral) so it is good for fibro!"
The only problem with this is that the theory of fibromyalgia being a central pain is very dubious to say the least.
Thanks again and hope to find more like you to come in the open with their own experience.

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