“Simple Answers To
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On Signs Symptoms
Of Fibromyalgia”

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How Can It Be Painful?"
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Why Do You Think You’re Not Getting Enough Painkillers?
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You Need The Book!

Because Knowing The Answers Is Half The Job Done Towards Relief!

.Has anyone explained it clearly to you?

  Why most of your pains are in your back?
  Why postural muscles are sore?
  Why moving a hand or a foot can be sore?

. How long did they take?

  Is there any need to create pain to diagnose fibromyalgia?
  Why does it take years to diagnose fibromyalgia?
  How come it should take only 10 minutes?

. How many useless tests did you get?

  Any biological markers of fibromyalgia?
  Any radiological markers of fibromyalgia?
  Any psychological profile in fibromyalgia?
  Psycho-social or psycho-bull-dust?
  Any test treatment in fibro?

. Why it’s not in your head!

  Is fibro a muscle disease?
  Any toxins in fibro?
  Why a poor circulation in fibromyalgia?

. Can they explain it?

  How come joints are so painful and they're normal on X-rays?
  How come a caress or a tickle be so painful?
  Why is it so stiff and painful in the morning?
  Why is my sleep so bad?
  If my mother has it, am I going to get it?

. Any pelvic problem? Read on!

  Why have I got so many problems in my abdomen and pelvis?
  Why I have fibro and IBS?
  Why do I get bladder problems?

. Do they believe you?

  Why I get dizzy, loose my balance and even fall?
  Why do I suddenly get cold or hot?
  How come I have brain fog and can't think straight?
  Are my numbness and pins & needles all in my head?

. Any reason they don’t answer?

  Why do you talk about "diagnosis probability"?
  Is it the same between females and males?
  What about chronic fatigue syndrome?
  They talk about stress but they don't listen to me!
  The real origin of fibromyalgia explains all signs & symptoms

And you'll get many tips!

. A Reality: The Stress

. A Proof: It's Not In Your Head

. A Secret: Abdominus Transversus

. A Future: The Treatment

How did we get this from a fibromyalgia test analysis?

. 1195 tests

. 790 diagnosis of fibromyalgia

. Signs & Symptoms analyzed

. Gender distribution analyzed

. 42 graphics & diagrams

. 138 pages

Read out what this first ever modern fibromyalgia test results analysis has taught Drs Susan Wong and John Favier, MD.

Find out answers to your questions about your disease and how this better understanding will lead to better treatment.

What They Say

- My mother and I are suffering from fibromyalgia and irritable bowel. It’s the first time we understand why. Thank you so much!

Ariane V., Flagstaff, AZ

- I always thought I was a bad mother… I can’t stand playing with my little boy. Now I know why the pain is so bad and I can manage better.

Ann H., Seattle, WA

- My GP always looks at me suspiciously and keeps repeating that my painful joints are perfectly normal. He even said to my hubby “she is overplaying it!” I am going to bring that book to him!

Pam T., Derby, UK

- I am a gastroenterologist…Would you allow me to use your drawings for my students and my patients?

Peter A., Austin, TX

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