Fibromyalgia and Magnesium

3 Best Effects of Magnesium
for You

Your fibromyalgia and magnesium

What it does and how you can get it

Fibromyalgia and magnesium

The 3 Best Effects of Magnesium

  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Decreased Stress

At the end of the page you'll find the medical references proving those effects

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Magnesium Facts

We are all deficient in magnesium because of dramatically lower intake from food

This deficiency is increased by:

  • Alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Antacids
  • Increased sweating
  • Diuretics and other drugs

3 ways of getting magnesium supplements

  1. Oral
  2. Through the skin
  3. Intravenous

1. Oral

  • Magnesium salts

But not all are equal. Most are poorly absorbed. The best one is magnesium chloride

  • Magnesium Phosphate

  • Magnesium EDTA

2. Through the skin

  • Creams
  • Sea water
  • Epsom Salts in a bath tub, foot bath, spray, poultice

3. Intravenous

Obviously reserved for special conditions

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For those who have subscribed to the Florence Nightingale Free Newsletter, you have already seen the following.

You may wish to refresh your memory. We all have some brain fog !

For the others, here are some personal stories

I spent last winter in Florida as a typical winter bird (first time in years).

I love getting in the sea and can stay lying there for hours, manatee style. I soon realized my pains were getting better. Was it the sun, was it the sea? Probably a combination of both.

I thought about it. Given that the sea water contains a huge amount of magnesium, I concluded that it was helping me. I do swallow magnesium chloride salts diluted in water, 1 gram a day. But the magnesium in the sea water was a serious supplementation through the skin. 

Then I thought about what would happen when I had to go back up north. The sea over here is a bit too cold for me and this coldness gives me a lot of cramps. I had to find a solution. 

One day I was at Target and I saw a bag of Epsom Salts. And it was cheap. So, I got some. Back in my cold country, I take a bath every day with a scoop of Epsom Salts diluted in it. And believe me, it works !!

So, I am now a manatee in my bathtub! And I am sure the relaxation it brings me is crucial for my wellbeing.  Hope this will help your fibromyalgia and magnesium in this form is cheap!


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Fibromyalgia and magnesium. Any doubt it helps ?


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