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By the way, Big Pharma and their lies, the crooks working for them, the journalists and politicians sold to them and the whole lot of charlatans have no hand in this website. They are bared

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Looking for answers

Free Fibromyalgia Test: Calculate Your Probability

     Fibromyalgia test may help you to get treated earlier

Fibromyalgia books are a good complement to the website

     The fibromyalgia books give you the insight

Fibromyalgia Contact Gets Your Questions Answered

     Fibromyalgia Contact: Send your questions, comments and bookings

Fibromyalgia Blog Subscription

     Keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the website

Fibromyalgia Blog Reading

     Read and build up relationships with your fellow sufferers and experts

Get Your Fibromyalgia Support Group On Board For Free

     Directory and free web access for fibromyalgia support groups

Your Fibro Stories, Your Site, Your Shouting Page

     Your fibro stories is your site where you can say it all

Famous Fibromyalgia People Remind Us It Has Always Existed

     Famous fibromyalgia people from antiquity to our modern world

What is it ?

Understanding Fibromyalgia

     Why so much muscle pain ?

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Are Many and Varied

     Find out why !

Fibromyalgia Arthritis Is a Frequent Problem

     Somehow a misnomer but so frequent and crippling

Fibromyalgia Causes: 3 Factors

     Combination of genetic profile, lack of magnesium and stress triggers

Fibromyalgia Classical Definition Delays the Correct Diagnosis

     It needs a better and quicker approach to allow a faster treatment

Know Of Other Names or Other Theories For Fibromyalgia ?

     Fibromyalgia Others reveals this important insight to you


The Florence Nightingale Newsletter

     This is the way you want to be treated

Fibromyalgia News Keeps You Updated

     Bookmark this page to be informed on the last knowledge

Useful Links For Fibro and Other Pain Sufferers

     Links to other websites you may find interesting in your quest


Fibromyalgia Treatment Is Varied

     The long term treatment is the clue!

Pulsed Magnetic Fields: The Long Term Treatment

     PMF for the long term treatment of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Life Tips: Your Help To A Better Life

     Tips to organize your life for the most important person: YOU 

Private Videos For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

     They will help you with your fibro care


Legal Cases For Fibromyalgia Are On The Increase

     But they are too often left unclaimed or not believed !

With Fibromyalgia Work Is Disturbed and You Need Adaptation

     Find out the tips to help

Fibromyalgia Treatment Complications: Enough Is Enough!

     The new drugs are so often involved…

Wondering If Sugar Is bad For You ?

     You’ll understand why !

Fibromyalgia Surgery: Those 2 Words Together Mean Danger 

     If you need surgery be extra-careful and read this advice


Bad Doctor Refuses To Treat Fibromyalgia

     Bad doctor in pain clinics refusing to teat fibro are negligent

Big Pharma Is Hugely Profiteering From Fibromyalgia Sufferers

     Big Pharma acts unethically at your expense 

Lyrica A New Drug But The Worst Of All In Its Family

     Lyrica the worst of all anti-epileptics to treat fibro & neuropathic pain

Private Info

Who Am I Introduces You To Our Fibro Team

     Our fantastic team who has made this website so successful

Website Building: My Discovery Could Be Yours!

     Website building: Your success the easy way

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