How to avoid being tired

You don’t do physical exercise

Not to do any physical exercise is an error. You must do some exercise however small it may be. 

Fatigue may be due to body’s laziness. When you move 

- you move your muscles (40% of your body)

- you move your joints

- you increase your blood circulation, bringing oxygen around your body

- and you increase your lymphatic flow, accelerating the removal of toxins

However small, exercise is a treatment for fatigue

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You don’t drink enough water

By getting dehydrated, your circulation is clogged and you cannot eliminate your toxins through your lungs and your kidneys. The accumulation of toxins increases your fatigue. You need good hydration

You lack iron

Red blood cells transport hemoglobin throughout your body and this hemoglobin is your oxygen transport system. Hemoglobin needs iron to function and a lack of iron gives anemia which is an abnormally low red blood cell content.

This is a cause of fatigue and shortness of breath.

You are a perfectionist

Those are A profile people striving for flawlessness and setting high performance standards who spend too much energy in achieving an impossible goal. As such they overstress and get tired.

They want to go beyond the 80-20 rule (the Pareto principle) not only for themselves but also for their family and work colleagues.

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You are fighting any problem head on 

Any small hindrance takes such an importance that you increase your stress and therefore your fatigue. You become irritable and short-tempered and have no time to recover, entering a vicious cycle of fatigue, more stress and more fatigue. 

You skip breakfast

This is an error because after a period of fasting you need to replenish your energy. It is a cause of fatigue.

You eat too much junk food

Too much sugar, too much processed food, too much in quantity are all cause of prolonged digestion. And digestion is a very active process and is tiring.

You don’t know how to say NO

Think before accepting any proposal of work, social activity or appointment. And if you are too tired to think, just say NO. You can always think about it afterwards and say YES.

You are disorganized

This is a common cause of tiredness. Take some time to think about it. Put it in your to-do list and try reorganizing.

And do not forget that no one is supposed to be multi-tasking. 

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You work during your holidays

Rest is needed, it is not a luxury.

You drink alcohol before going to bed

Alcohol is not a relaxant because after the relaxing feeling there is a rebound effect. Moreover, it dehydrates.

You read your mails before getting to bed

This practice demands a lot of energy that not only induces fatigue but also leads to poor sleep quality.

You use caffeine as a stimulant

Caffeine is a short duration booster that requires to be taken again. As such it induces fatigue and other health problems (insomnia, high blood pressure etc.)

You go to bed too late over the week-end

Your body gets used to cycles of life and this is like a jet lag effect.

Your body needs to avoid excesses to escape being tired and rest times must be respected

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