Fibromyalgia Basic Care
Simple Answers To Your Needs

From Fibromyalgia Diet
To Fibromyalgia Exercises
It's All Here To Help You!

Without it, you'll get nowhere!

  Why should you take magnesium?

  Are all magnesium supplements the same?

  How much of magnesium is good?

Better be sure it's ok!

What should you know about your thyroid?

Why is your thyroid important?

Too little or too much = Danger!

Why is calcium important?

How much should you take?

Why you should not take calcium alone!

Why calcium could be dangerous for your heart

How to avoid heart problems!

Vitamins you better not forget!

How can one vitamin replace your antidepressants?

How can one vitamin make you better?

Why that vitamin can change your life?

How can it be the sun in your life?

High blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, obesity?

Just a few drops will help!

Eat it and you're on your way out! For ever!!

What’s killing you in your everyday food?

How to recognize it and avoid it!

What’s bad and what’s good?

Tired of cooking? A simple, cheap and delicious solution!

Want to avoid the wheelchair? Want to get out of it? Simple!

What exercises to do? Simple and no training required!

3 videos to start with very safe and no pain exercises!

How to cure your neck? Easy!

How to cure your pelvic pain? Easy!

But you must avoid everything that’s wrong

Throw out the pelvic pain and enjoy!

Relax! It's easy!!

Why you need to relax?

How to relax?

It’s all there for you to grab!

- 52 pages on what to do and what to avoid

- Diets for people with fibromyalgia

- 3 videos of fibromyalgia exercises

- 8 original drawings and charts

- Access to continuous help with your magnesium doses

For only US$ 13.60 you'll grasp the care you need!

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If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you get a free link to download it. Why PDF? No virus!

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And you'll keep the book!

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You Save over 26%!

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