Infection is a great threat
Part Two

Oral contamination causing infection

Our hands and fingers are great collectors of germs causing infection.

When they get to our mouth they are fantastic contaminators !

2 rules

  1. Never get your fingers to your mouth without first washing them correctly

  2. Avoid touching with the palm of your fingers the worst carriers of germs

Here is a list of the worst carriers of germs causing infection

  • Door handles
  • Light switch
  • Toilet flush
  • Any tap
  • Lift call button
  • Lift level buttons
  • Keyboards
  • Menu at restaurants (everyone handles it !)
  • Any switch, belt buckle, tablets in an airplane
  • Hand shakes
  • And anything that others have touched because they carry bad germs in great quantity

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What to do about it ?

  • Use your elbows, put on gloves, use a paper hand towel to open doors
  • Use your finger knuckles to press on switches
  • Use a toilet paper or better a paper hand towel to turn taps
  • Go around with a pack of wet wipes in your bag
  • Fist bump instead of hand shake
  • Wash your hands before eating, after getting them dirty, after using the toilets (always put down the lid before flushing, it sprays up to 3 feet away!)
  • Get copper handles for your doors, taps etc.
    Copper is an antimicrobial metal that is more and more used in intensive care units for this antimicrobial effect. It must be dry to have this effect !

Respiratory contamination

Difficult subject because of small particles and pollution.

Vaccination ? Wearing of masks ?

Be considerate to others when sneezing and coughing.


  1. By avoiding contamination

  2. By eating the right foods (see below)

  3. Use meditation / auto-hypnosis to decrease your stress

  4. Use regular contractions of forearms to increase your production of NO as well as humming for the same effect.

Right foods

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  • You need all the essential minerals
    This is achieved by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Personnally I always take a large glass of V8 everyday at a minimum on top of eating frozen pineapple, strawberrys and other berries and a mix of vegetables steam cooked 
  • Eating proteins
  • Eating fat fishes (omega 3) such as wild salmon, makerels, and tuna with spirulina to eliminate the heavy metals
  • Magnesium chloride 1 g a day orally or/and bath tub or feet bath with Epsom salts that stimulate the immunity system
  • 1 glass a day of Beet juice (let it stay in your mouth as long as possible). It stimulates your nitric oxide (NO) and therefore your circulation, improving the immune system cells circulation.

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  1. Use every tricks to improve your sleep

  2. Do not react to every obstacle as if it was the end of the world

  3. Avoid carbohydrates at any cost, they are the silent killers of your body

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