Solution for Obesity and Overweight in Fibromyalgia

Suffering from obesity and fibromyalgia: Here is a solution!

By now, you must know I do not have a magic wand and have never put myself forward as such. I want to thank you all for the extraordinary following you have given me and the confidence you have expressed. 

We now have the biggest database that exist on fibromyalgia and we are still trying to get the most out of it. The unending private messages that I got show me how much we are disparaged by our family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues and even doctors. All of you have given me a lot of courage to carry on despite my pains and tiredness.

One of the aspect is the overweight problem that exist in our fibromyalgia community.

As many of you will know, this overweight problem is adding a lot of bad reviews about us and a lot of bad thoughts about us because we are looked at as being weak. So, I would like to bring to you a program that has helped me tremendously in that aspect.

The 3 Week Diet
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Not only are we disparaged for that, but it adds to our pain, our tiredness, our joints problems, our difficulties to walk around, let alone to exercise. 

I did have a look and found that inflammation from obesity is an added problem. Moreover, we already suffer from bad circulation and fat has a poor circulation. Depression and obesity is a fact. In addition, many treatments add on obesity. For example Lyrica and weight gain is well known.

This is a huge problem that adds to our mind, physical and social life sufferings. 


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When I discovered this amazingly easy to follow program the results were great.

Sure, I have not regained the weight I had in my teens but just seeing the decrease in size of my clothing was an enormous encouragement. When the people I know started telling me how much better I looked it gave me the cheers I needed to carry on. Not sure the pain is better, but it feels easier. 

One of my friend doctor gave me an assessment on my function ability. He had previously done one and the improvement was marked. 

You want to make a comment? Go for it!

Sure, I still have fibromyalgia but it seems better.

I was hesitant to talk to you about it because I hate false hope. But remember, I have told you I would speak about all my tricks and this is one.  

I’m a bit of a penny-pincher so I was hesitant at first to buy into this program. Happily, I opened my wallet and doesn’t regret it. Any little help in my suffering feels like a big step forward. 

Hope the best for you

Warm Regards

Anne Masterson

The 3 Week Diet

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