3 actions to avoid infections !  Part One

As fibromyalgia sufferers, we have a weak immunity system, the system that fights infections

Because of that we are more prone to infections and we must avoid them at all cost !

Here the three actions we must take

  • Avoid germs
  • Improve immunity system
  • Avoid factors that decrease immunity system


We cannot avoid all germs because we do live with them and most are not dangerous (pathological) or even are beneficial (protecting us against the bad ones, providing us with elements our body needs). 

What we need to do is avoid those that are dangerous and pathological when they present in great quantities. 

Why great quantities ?

Well, unless we have absolutely no immunity system bad germs need to be in a quantity large enough to produce an infection. It is a balance between the pathological germs and our immune system.

The less powerful our immune system the smaller the quantity necessary for the pathological germs to produce an infection. And this quantity varies also with the type of germs. The most pathological germs need to be in a smaller quantity to infect us. 

So, we must avoid to carry high densities of germs

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What are the ways of getting germs in our body ?


The most obvious one is through a cut in the skin. That is why a skin laceration or wound should be treated correctly. It is not our intention to go through this in details but we must never neglect a skin laceration or wound

There are also those parts of our body that are less visible but are exposed to have minor lesions such as the feet. The corns or callosities under the feet will dry out, get thicker and with time presents with cracks that expose the underlying tissues. The care for it is not to scrap it because that gets it to regenerate and get thicker but to wash it correctly and regularly then after drying to apply petroleum jelly such as vaseline on the whole foot without forgetting the space in between the toes. I put clean socks on my feet after massaging them with vaseline. 

The same apply to the care of the hands and the space around the nails. 

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A second entry in the same league is the mucosa where micro lacerations are common.

The mouth, nose, ears, genitals and anus are in this league and exposed to infections. 


The mouth is one of the place where the greatest amount of germs and bad ones are situated.

A good care starts with teeth brushing after every meal. But don’t forget to rinse abundantly after the use of dental paste as it can contain toxic substances. Personally, I use sodium bicarbonate to which I add water or Hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. And I always rinse with white vinegar for reasons explained thereafter.

You can add the use of dental floss.  

Why white vinegar ? The worst place in your mouth is dental plaque or even tartar that harbors the worst germs called gram negative bacteria that are the cause of cardiac diseases ! Obviously, a good dental cleaning at your dentist will be a good start. But in the meantime, the use of white vinegar will take care of it. Just take a sip of it (you can dilute in water if it’s too strong) and get it to swirl around your mouth and keep it as long as possible before spitting it. You can also put your dentures overnight in a bowl of white vinegar. My dentist tells me that I have no tartar at all to clean !! (I used to have some before this trick). On top of that, it is good for the gums and for halitosis (bad odor of the mouth). 


The nostrils are a den for bad germs, especially staphylococcus aureus.

Do not ever pull a hair, it’s super dangerous. People have died from it because infections can extend easily to the cavernous sinus near the brain ! Use a special nose and ear trimmer.

Also take care of your nostrils. If they are dry or bleed easily, the best is to use a cotton swab that you dip into vaseline (if you do you must use a new clean container) and swab your nostrils with it. 


Keep your ears clean. Do not pull hairs but again use the washable trimmer.

To clean your ears from wax excess the best is to use a syringe with water or hydrogen peroxide (less than 5%) that you inject in your ear canal. It must be lukewarm otherwise you may have a sudden vertigo. 

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Be it for males or females, it is of the utmost importance to clean your external genitals daily carefully and avoid deposits (rinse well with water after to avoid dry soap).

Do not get into your vagina. If you are worried about a suspicious discharge you must consult your gynecologist. Also see the page on Tampons and their dangers. 



You also have to wash it daily with soap and water. A hand towel will help.

If you have previously developed abscesses in the area, a good trick is to wipe yourself after bowel movements and finish with wet toilet paper at the end if you do not have access to soap.

Obviously, the use of a condom is a good protection for sexual contacts. The condom must be changed between partners and after anal contact.

Oral sex without protection is not safe !

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