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Through her biography she may have suffered from fibromyalgia. Florence Nightingale born on 12 May 1820, the 12th of May is now the international fibromyalgia day.

Therefore, Florence Nightingale Newsletter is the natural name for our e-zine.


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Not only do we celebrate and remind everyone about this disease but also we ask all carers to follow her principles:

- Compassion

- Acceptance

- Urgency

- Quality

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Compassion was the hallmark of Florence Nightingale. Without empathy we cannot treat. Without empathy we cannot feel how hard it is for those suffering. Without empathy we cannot get close to them. She understood this so well and she would be very severe about those lacking empathy!

Acceptance that even if this disease is poorly understood, even if there is no biological marker, it still exists. Acceptance of our failures to understand. Acceptance of the suffering of the others. Acceptance that our own limitations are no justification for arrogance and dismissal. Acceptance that one may have more pain than someone else despite suffering what seems to be "trivial".

Urgency to treat pain by whatever means, by whatever is at our disposal. Florence did not stop bringing help because she did not have the means. Every failure to relieve was a lesson and created the urgency to find the means.

Quality needs the desire to make it better and not just to accept what is "usually" done. Quality means to walk the extra mile. Quality needs comparison, thinking, science. Florence was a statistician who would not accept feeble stats to justify poor health service but strong ones to demonstrate what was needed. She knew that fiddling with the numbers is easy but defeats the target of quality.

Fibromyalgia sufferers need all those characters in their carers. Florence is the beacon that we need as an example for the hard journey ahead.

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