Understanding fibromyalgia is understanding the circulation problems.

"Doc, when I get a massage on a sore muscle, at first it's better but then it's worse a few hours later!" This shows the circulation problems in fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia muscle pain is due to small areas of the muscle that are in spasm (or crampy). This is due to muscle cells that are contracted and cannot relax (the leaking bag and the lack of magnesium).

When a muscle is contracted there is no blood circulation in that muscle until it relaxes.

Look at the palm of your hand: it's reddish. Make a tight fist for a few seconds. Now open your hand: the palm has blanched. Within a couple of second it regains its reddish colour.

This is exactly what happens in a tense muscle. There is no blood circulation whilst the muscle is contracted. Blood circulation will start again once that muscle relaxes.

In fibromyalgia, those muscle cells that have an uncontrolled contraction have no local blood flow.

That means that the toxins produced in excess are not removed and washed out. Toxins accumulate.

This is the reason why massaging fibromyalgia painful muscle increases the circulation locally. The toxins are removed and released. At first, the effect is one of relief because the muscles are relaxed. But then, the toxins can be in a huge amount and produce a "toxic shock". This is typical when getting a massage for fibromyalgia upper back pain.

This "toxic shock" starts up other fibromyalgia symptoms such as joint pains or sudden onset of dizziness.

Poor circulation is one of well known fibromyalgia symptoms.

The worst aspect of poor circulation is that its release or betterment can be followed by worsening of the whole fibromyalgia symptoms checklist!

"When it is better you will pay for it!" is the catch 22 of fibromyalgia.

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Understanding fibromyalgia is also understanding

. The other muscle cells involved in fibromyalgia

. The muscle cells spasms

. The toxins released that explain the other fibromyalgia symptoms.

Understanding fibromyalgia is the first step towards relief.

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