Fibromyalgia Causes: 3 Factors

Fibromyalgia causes are a combination of:

. genetic profile

. lack of magnesium

. stress triggers

Genetic Profile

Fibromyalgia is a genetic condition affecting the muscle cells, with a leaking endoplasmic reticulum.

Many genes are probably involved. Because there is no specific “marker” of fibromyalgia, study of the causes will be difficult. The variety of genes involved partly explains the variety of signs symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Lack of Magnesium

. More than 80% of the population lacks magnesium according to the CDC

. Normal diet magnesium content:

. 1900: 500 mg / day

. 2000: 200 mg / day

. Food content poor in minerals and vitamins because of modern farming

. 1/3 of population takes antacids: it stops most magnesium salts absorption

. Magnesium levels difficult to assess. Blood level: poor indicator

. Increase in musculo-skeletal pain (such as fibromyalgia) parallel to increase in magnesium deficit

Magnesium deficit over the years
Parallel increase in musculo-skeletal pain

Stress Triggers

Are the genetic profile and a lack of magnesium enough to develop fibromyalgia symptoms?

There seems to be very often a specific trigger: the stress factor.

Stress triggers are many:

. Trauma is the most commonly cited

. Infections

. Psychological stresses such as divorce, moving house etc..

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Fibromyalgia Causes: Stress Triggers.

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