Fibromyalgia Books! Why?

Are you doing everything you can
to control your fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Books Can Help


.  Do you know why you're suffering from fibromyalgia?  

.  Do you understand your disease?

.  When you get a flare up, do you know what's happening?

.  One minute you're fine, the next you feel terrible.  You go shopping and you come back exhausted like having run a marathon!  Do you know why?

Your family!

.  Your partner, your kids, your parents, your siblings: do they know why your suffering?

.  Do they understand you?  No!

.  Whatever you complain of, they change conversation!  Not because they don't love you but they don't know what to do.

.  They feel powerless because they too don't understand why you're suffering.

.  And you feel lonely, even abandoned.  You can't even play with your kids!

Your friends!

.  They can't help because they don't know why you're suffering!

.  So, they don't invite you anymore to go out with them and you don't invite them because you feel so tired!

.  In a vicious circle, you need them more but you isolate yourself.  You feel that you've become a pain to them!

Your work's colleagues!

.  They can't help because they don't understand what's happening to you!

.  Your work is becoming more difficult because of your condition but also because you can't work as a team member anymore.

.  This modern life is making things more difficult for those who can't be part of it!

.  You're becoming more desperate and know you may loose your work!

How can you explain what you're suffering from if you can't understand it?  Even your doctor can't explain it!  He may even have told you "It's all in your head!"

You're the only one who can take charge of yourself and the first step is to understand your disease!

These fibromyalgia books will give you the explanation you need.  You can even show them to your doctor, you family, your friends, your work's colleagues!  It is your first step towards recovery.

Empower Yourself And Be Active!

This is YOU just now!

You are in a red bubble of pain and your life is so miserable that you are in an even greater grey bubble of suffering.

You can't see an escape out of it and you may even think that your life is not worth it!

But the fact that you're reading this text just now is proof that you want to get out of it!

Step by step this is possible.

It's done first by getting to understand your disease and why it happens.

This will make your pain and your suffering bubbles smaller because you'll be more knowledgeable and WISE

The second step is to understand all the signs and symptoms you're experiencing and all the flare ups you're suffering from.  Not only understanding them but also why.

Again, this will make you feel better and your pain and suffering bubbles will decrease even more.  You'll start emerging out of them instead of
drowning into them.

You'll be in a fighting mood and this will make you progress to a FIGHTER

The third step is to understand your treatment and the options you have to become again independant from your pain and suffering.

In fact they'll become so small that you'll be victorious, again able to live your life to the full.

You'll be HAPPY

Do you have to go through all the steps? Yes, because your disease is a genetic one and any stress may trigger flare ups.  You must understand each aspect to be ready and prepared to deal with it.

And you'll know what works for you because each fibromyalgia sufferer needs an individualised approach.

Fibromyalgia books will help

- First step: Understand your disease

- Second step: Understand your symptoms

- Third step:  Understand your treatment

Sure! You've had enough and want to get better fast! But you've already been treated. If you're here it's because it didn't work that well!

Sorry! You can't jump steps!

It's got to be 1-2-3 in that order. Why? Because you need to be active. You don't want to be like those that are passive, waiting for improvement to happen. They always fail miserably. in my experience, the active sufferers do much better.

So! You're making the right decision: to be active.

First step: Understand your disease. Go and have a look at Understanding fibromyalgia in this website. It will give you a good idea. Then come back to get further explanation.

What's the point? You'll feel better just by understanding exactly what's happening to your body.

This is our Fibromyalgia Books Offer To You

Go to
"Fibromyalgia: A Real Disease? Yes! It's Not In Your Head!"

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"Fibromyalgia Test: Diagnosis Of A Crippling Disease"

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"Fibromyalgia Basic Care"

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