Fibromyalgia causes: the stress triggers

Fibromyalgia causes such as stress triggers are so important that they can even lead to different names for what is in fact fibromyalgia

Let’s imagine that someone has only a single muscle cell undergoing an uncontrolled contraction because of the fibromyalgia genetic profile.

It’s obvious that one muscle cell spasm on its own is silent. It's not going to start fibromyalgia symptoms. Moreover, it doesn’t produce any amount of toxins that the body’s natural toxins scavengers cannot take care of! The balance of well being vs fibromyalgia or the balance of scavengers vs toxins is largely in favour of the well being of that body.

In fact, we do not have to think of two different persons. The same person may be fine one day and not another day. This is where the stress trigger starts. This is where one’s stress factor is going to be able to trigger the whole process and where fibromyalgia symptoms will kick in.

It's already important to realise that one stress on a given day may trigger nothing whilst a lower stress another day will trigger the whole process of fibromyalgia in the same person. This is for the same reasons that have been talked about above.

So, which stress triggers are the usual culprits?

We can classify fibromyalgia causes in four groups:

. Traumas

. Infections

. Other Diseases

. Other stresses

This classification is artificial but this is the way it appears in my fibromyalgia patients.

What are the percentages? Well, given that there is no specific marker of fibromyalgia the fibromyalgia epidemiology is skewed. At present, whiplash is very commonly described as a trigger so it may represent a higher percentage of fibromyalgia because other fibromyalgia patients may not be classified as fibromyalgia! Therefore, "well known" stress factor may be overestimated.

- Trauma causes fibromyalgia and are common trigger for fibromyalgia symptoms. This is most probably due to the involvement of skeletal muscles during the traumas. The most common traumas as fibromyalgia triggers are those involving the postural muscles. This is why whiplash is a common trigger.

- Infection is another common trigger and this is to such an extent that fibromyalgia after infection carries another name: ME! ME is fibromyalgia after an infection!

Why is that? It may be that the origin of infection produced enough inflammatory products which, as toxins, overwhelmed a body that was on the brink of having its balance going on the side of fibromyalgia, away from the well being zone.

- Other diseases can trigger fibromyalgia. The most common of those are chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid diseases etc...

They are confusing because the disease itself is accused of all the symptoms. But when one looks carefully at all the symptoms, many of them cannot be explained by the disease. You think this is weird and unusual? Well, a study in Scotland looking at all symptoms of patient in a medical ward found that one third of symptoms could not be explained by the diagnosis! The difficulty is to recognise that fibromyalgia may follow another disease and remember to treat it for what it is!

- Finally, any stress can trigger fibromyalgia. They can even be everyday life stresses stress such as bereavement, moving house, divorce etc. Quite often, the stress has been forgotten.

What must not be forgotten is that the magnesium deficiency is on the increase and life stresses are on the increase. But it is unlikely that the genetic profile of fibromyalgia is on the increase.

Only the other fibromyalgia causes are on the increase and it explains the fact that fibromyalgia is on the increase. This is why fibromyalgia cause and treatment are on the increase.

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Fibromyalgia causes are also the magnesium deficiency and the genetic profile.

Understanding fibromyalgia is the first step towards relief.

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