NMDA Receptors: The Chronic Pain Culprits
To Ignore It Is Negligent

NMDA Receptors or NMDAR:
The Facts

. Fibromyalgia sufferers are in chronic pain.

It means that a painful stimulation is worse than it would be otherwise. This is called hyperalgesia and hyperpathia.

It also means that what should normally be a non-painful stimulation such as a caress becomes painful. This is called allodynia.

Those abnormal pain reactions are due to the activation of memory receptors in the central nervous system called the NMDAR.

. Because of these activated NMDAR

we must avoid to activate them any more

and we must try to quiet them by using NMDAR antagonists.

. Morphine and morphine like opioids

Whilst they fight pain by their action on the μ (mu) receptors they also stimulate indirectly the NMDAR! This is why in normal people they create hyperalgesia and allodynia and lose their effects over time. This is worse in fibromyalgia sufferers.

. In fibromyalgia magnesium is already deficient

In any case fibromyalgia sufferers need magnesium supplement. The fact that magnesium is an NMDAR antagonist is an added reason to use it.
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With fibromyalgia surgery is not the only problem. Anesthesia is a real challenge!

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