What about the acid/alkaline link?

by Angela Bea
(Sidmouth, Devon)

Hi, I'm 58 and now I really begin to feel I am getting a handle on this Fibro thing which I've been struggling with for several years. I've discovered that alkalising my body takes away almost all of my symptoms. I feel energetic, clear headed and don't hurt!

I am now using long-term 'alkabase' salts including magnesium and have taken out most acid foods from my diet, guided by C. Vasey's book,'The acid /alkaline diet', and Dr R Young's work too the pH miracle
I first realised something was wrong when I couldn't seem to get rid of pain all over my body. I was tired, depressed and couldn't sleep. That was in 2001. In hindsight I had had Fibromyalgia much longer though. As a child I always had achy legs if I ran and never wanted to do games or gym at school. I was often 'unwell' as I had my three children and the final insult came when I had massive doses of vaccines and malaria tablets on a trip to Africa in 1997, when I had a riding accident too. After this I went to India,more vaccines got really dehydrated and stressed, and also moved house 25 times in 10 years, and lost most of my money.
I've been researching this diet aspect and test my urine and saliva regularly with pH strips. I
find that the least thing sugar, tea, coffee, alcohol, too much fruit, white wheat flour, stress and anger turns me acid. I then increase the salts with good results.
My own 'research' leads me to believe that Fibromyalgia is nothing more than an overload of toxins and acids in the body which have settled themselves in the deep tissues over many years of abuse. Sure I may have a predisposition to acidity, as my Mum also had rheumatism and then arthritis and cancer. I believe that serious illness is the next step after acid overload.
I'm so happy to have found this out by trial and error and want to spread the word, but SO many fibro websites seem to be hooked into the drug cures that GPs prescribe.
I would enjoy positive debate and feedback on my theories. Has anyone else tried this path?

Anne’s comment Thanks for a very interesting comment. As I have often explained, the muscle cells hyperactivity in fibromyalgia produces an excessive amount of toxins. These toxins are acids (such as lactic acid) and decrease the body pH making it too acid. We do explain in our book on “Fibromyalgia Basic Care” that sugars are the main culprits because they provide pro-oxidants which in turn increase toxins and acidity production! That’s exactly what this superb website on acid/alkaline diet explains in great details.

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What about the acid/alkaline link?
by: Henning N. Simonsen

I have done the same experience as that lady. Never drink coffee and too much tea but Basik food and sea salt containing magnesium minneraler which is good. Cell Gold is bicarbonates help I have little fibromyalgia and little MCS, Long time since I've had cramps, I think fibromyalgia is a State of the MCS and many other illnesses experience symptoms of fibromyalgia. I think it's a good article. Alcohol-vodka is very clean it is alkaline Meden wine and beer and wiskey gives more acid, Vodka has sometimes helped me to stomach acid and MCS andfald. Of course if you drink alcohol daily Mon destroys the nervous system when alcohol is a solvent medium but 1 dram a day with herbs can Vike quite well, especially if you can not sleep because of acid in the stomach

alkaline water works for me
by: chris t.

I bought an alkaline water filtration system a few years after my diagnosis. At that time I was in the dumps. My headache was the worse, my pain was everyday, I was literally crying everynight. I almost got fired. After a few months, I saw a significant change. The 1500$ I paid was worth it. I still drink it esp when the pain starts acting up.

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