Why me?

by Michelle

Who'd thought of it? Not me that's for sure. I always thought things like this happened to other people, stronger people who could somehow cope with it, not me, I always thought of myself as, well, not necessarily weak but definitely not strong, I mean, get this, I can cry at anything, from the obvious sad movies to watching the coffins coming home of our boys who've been killed at war (that's justified sadness, not really to be compared with weepy movies).

What I'm trying to say is, I'm often over emotional, too nostalgic (no matter how much I wish it, my grown up son can't be a toddler again, not even for 24 hrs).

Certain folk have to deal with really tragic situations in their lives, finding out that yourself or a loved one has a terminal illness must be the worst thing ever. So I should think my self lucky!
Lucky that I have the most kind, caring and nearly perfect (well, he does snore) husband, a son I totally adore, great family and friends. In the whole scheme of things I have it all! What have I got to complain about?

Nothing actually because I've realised I am a strong person, in fact, stronger than most. Show me a problem and I'll find a solution. I will (nearly) always look on the positives in my wonderful life and try not to dwell on the negatives.

To those of you that are regular readers of my blogs will know, I
have a sense of humour, I like to see the amusing, funny, take my mind of it side of things. I'm a happy person, I'm always smiling, people have even commented on it.

But I have a chronic pain condition, for 8 years I've hardly had a day or night without some sort of pain. It has affected my life as unfortunately this pain is real and can't be ignored. My strength is ever present because of a condition called Fibromyalgia. This syndrome won't beat me though; I refuse to let it get the better of me, my symptoms often get worse so I just have to deal with it (it helps to have the support of my family, friends and twitter friends).
I'm alive, I'm not terminally ill, but I'm also not making light of this relentless condition, a lot of people who suffer from it really do suffer.
Normally my symptoms are ok, I can deal with it.
I don't want sympathy, heavens no, just for you to be aware of the not very pleasant fibromyalgia.

Why me? Why not me!

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