Why Doctors don't understand and I just might!

by Steven Blake mba
(Lincolnshire, England)

Doctors will never understand the range of illnesses that are ME CFS and Fibromyalgia, because of the wide difference in symptoms. They get too locked into detail and a blinkered way of thinking.

However this is exactly why I feel I have fathomed out the root and therefore possible release from the debilitation. I studied the stories of many sufferers and they all follow the same mode. Since I studied this I have helped two people rid themselves of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). I know two out of two is not a clinical trial, so that is what I want to set up. How do I go about checking out my theory? It is very simple and results so far are quick (about 3 months). So I do feel I could help hundreds if not thousands of people return to a life free of this terrible debilitation. Your thought please! Help me to help you. Lets get this sorted and then inform the medics!

Best wishes, Steven Blake mba (UK)

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by: Anne

Your comment is welcomed. It comes in addition to my newsletter that puts among tens of other things the importance of meditation as a relaxation technique.

Meditation & Good Sleep Kept Me Going
by: Anonymous

Glad to know that some doctors are trying to look at Fm from a different angle. I'm a 50 yrs male diagnosed with FM 8 yrs with 2 yrs of denial before that. I tried so many things and travelled to several countries seeking cure. I was able alleviate the pain using meditation before and after sleep along with anti-depressant and anti-addiction agent in one pill called contrave. I will be happy to try additional ways. All the best

I'd gladly be a guinea pig for you.
by: Lisa

I was diagnosed with fibro and ME just over 3 years ago, and suffer from unbearable fibro fog - I have set kitchens on fire and failed to recognise my husband or children. I believe this level of fibro fog is due to the chronic fatigue. I have had CT and MRI scans and an EEG which all returned as normal. I was diagnosed very quickly thanks to a wonderful doctor and rheumatologist in the UK and have received an even higher level of care in the Republic of Ireland where I now live. I have come to terms with being in chronic pain every day for the rest of my life, however, I find the constant high level confusion on a daily basis crippling. Please contact me if you might be able to help. Many thanks.

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