Suffering.... is there an end?

by Heather

I have been suffering from a plethora of Fibro symptoms for almost 10 years and I'm only 29yrs old! I asked my old doc back in 2004 about testing me for it - he told me it doesn’t exist - in 2011 my TMJ got so bad I finally went to a jaw doc and told him I thought I had fibro and he laughed under his breath!! I finally got insurance because I got married - but it’s military insurance so I go to a doc on base and she's a very nice PA but she's just throwing pill after pill at me and not listening well and not taking me seriously.. I'm young and have tattoos and piercings so all docs seem to think I'm a druggy or crazy or something.. I can NOT find a good pain clinic physician or rheumatologist in Oklahoma to go to - I can get a referral to anyone that takes tricare - but I just cant FIND ANYONE -- even if I do find one, I'm so discouraged and feel like they wont care or treat me or give me a real diagnosis either.. I don’t know what to do :(

-Sad in OKC

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Doctors, consultants know nothing
by: Steve

I really feel for you because in the UK it is just the same. They can't tell me what is wrong with me and even smirk when I say about pain that goes from my foot to the headaches in my head!
I suggest fibro and they just say "hmmm don't know anything about it." Well something’s causing me all this pain and IBS as well! I get quite angry with them but have decided I am not sitting in any more hospital waiting rooms waiting to have their latest test for this that or the other! I now know what is wrong with me and in my case it was triggered by stress.

I do know that in my case avoiding stress does stop an attack of pain and I am taking measures to avoid stress, if I can. I have ended a very volatile relationship and yes I know that's drastic but my last bout of pain was agony and floored me for literally days with extreme upper back pain.

I wish you luck but the medical profession isn't the answer, trust me I've tried it all!

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