by Amber Opphile

When I feel down, or feel alone, I always write what's in my head at the moment and turn them into poems through creativity. It is very helpful.

Ex of mine:

As dead as a dino,
Quiet as the moon,
There's nowhere to go,
My fate is doomed.

Learning to fly is hard.
Coming Back down hurts.
No one understands the pain.
No one realizes what is wrong.
I have no gain.

As dead as a dino.
Swift as a bird.
There's nowhere to go.
I have not been cured.

Do as I must,
Feel as I do.
You cannot stop
What has already happened.
Now can you?

Dead as a Dino
Quiet as the moon.
There's nowhere to go.
So my fate is doomed.
I cannot heal this wound.

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