No help for fibro

by Andrea
(Lake Stevens, Wa)

My Daughter is six and I have had fibro since about 1 year from her birth, I also have chronic pain in my lower back.

I woke up one day unable to walk. Went to ER, they said nothing was wrong. I went to my GP and he ran some tests. Both my ANA and RA were off the charts. I started seeing a Dr an UW medical center. They did mostly tests. I eventually switched to GHC. I have only seen the rheumatologist once in the 2 or more years I have been a patient. My dr when I first started out at GHC was great. He helped my pain. Then he left and the drs after him refused help. They would say that the Pain Management program isn't gonna work for Fibro. My dr doesn’t care I am in pain. So I decided I will not take any medication PERIOD! Not even OTC meds. I also take anti anxiety and anti depressants. I am giving up. I seem to hear bitching when I am in so much pain and it hurts to move. The "in laws" think that I have to deal, that my hubby shouldn't do all the work. I hear bitching cause I pace myself while I try to get things done. I get the guilt trip for not doing things for a day or evening. So I guess I have to suck it up and just deal with it. I do and I don’t shed a tear.

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Similar experience
by: Anonymous

You sound like me. Doc used to help with pain until lots of tests later shows nothing wrong.

Now I feel like I'm a bother.
Even my wife doesn't understand, deff not friends or family get it so I'm giving up too.

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