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Suffering from fibro and taking a lot of meds for it (lyrica is one of them), I get night jerks which keep me awake and my memory is shocking. I can’t remember when my daughter has training or football after asking her repeatedly. I have to write everything down. There was one bank holiday week and I hadn’t got enough of my meds to get me through the weekend. I thought I was going to die with the pain and nearly drove every one in the house insane because I was so aggressive. I have shooting pains down arms, legs and fingers. I cannot get out of the bed in the morning and when I do I have to walk sideways down the stairs. Does anyone know if you can get long term sick benefit from this condition? I am living in Ireland and don’t know anyone here that has it or is out sick with it. If there is anyone who is reading this could relate to me or answer my sick benefit question this would be great!

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The Anger
by: Beatrice Caraballo

Dear Fibro Friend,

Wow! You have so much of the same symptoms as I do. My memory is so shot...I repeat the same sentences and questions to my kids all the time. My husband will say, "Babe you already asked us that." When I am out of medication, I am so angry and mean. I don't like being that way because I am such a pleasant person. My smile was wiped away when all this craziness started in my life. It has been 5 years and I just can't bear the pain and the sense of being so weak. I use to be a bodybuilder - can you imagine how weak I feel now. I am fat and out of shape, although my children tell me I am not. I gained 50lbs in one year from all the swelling.

I will tell you that only the Grace of God keeps me standing in His faith and patient in His rest.

Nelly's support
by: Anne Masterson

Hi Nelly

My heart goes out to you.

To get long term sick benefits you need a strong diagnosis made by a physician and you have to prove that you are unable to work because of disability from your disease.

The diagnosis is in the hands of your doctor or the specialist he has or is going to refer you to. The only need is a written diagnosis that has to be written on a special form that your doctor has or is going to get once you have applied for benefits. Your doctor will help you with that.

Then you have to prove that you are disabled and cannot work. I don't know if in Ireland there are specific tests that are applicable for that. Many tests do exist and there are variations from one country to another. Many countries do not have specific tests and this is up to your doctor or specialist to find out. For example there is one on the following site that you may try but remember that it may not be the one to be used in your country. I did ask a few doctors with medical expertise in courts. Some of them, out of pure interest, have tried different tests on the same person to find out that the end result is always the same! The test I have indicated above is quite good as it explores your limitations for a range of everyday life activities that makes easier to appreciate your disability for work.
Make a memo on which work you had before and explain why you would not be able to do it because of your condition. Also, if you have been proposed work adaptations or you have tried other work, write down why your disability did not allow you to carry on.
Once you have gone through those 2 steps, you may be referred to another doctor who will decide about your status. I have heard that in UK sometimes this interview is done over the phone and sometimes you have to be examined.

In any case, if you have done the free test for fibromyalgia on our site at it is worth taking the pain drawing with you so you can show the pain and the test results so you don't forget in case you are tired and get foggy brain on that important day!

Also make a list of all your medications that you are taking and the ones you have taken in the past (and their side effects or failure) as well as a list of all doctors you have seen.

If you are denied benefits, you may appeal. Don't get discouraged, it may take long before you get results.

Keep us informed so we can support you.

Big hugs


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