My causes for FMS, too much to tell

by victoria

I'm a very young, healthy looking 60yr. old. I was one of those youngsters that could excel in every physically damaging sport. I grew up in San Francisco which kept me very busy. As an only child, my mother lived through me. She was a very good mother when she wasn't sick. Mentally ill and schizophrenic she hide it well. She had me busy in show business and sports at the age of 3. I ended up a pro ice skater. Lord knows my body took a beating. I banged the heck out of my body. Not to mention the emotional and mental abuse in my life was frequent. I was stalked at the age of 6yrs then four more times in my life men tried to abuse me including my father. I was very well taught by my mother not to trust strangers, she was with her sister when a stalker shot and killed her sister. That's what the Dr's thought messed her up. She always was trying to kill herself. Well I inherited her depression and fibro. Yes, the Dr's said it was all in her head. She had all the symptoms. I wish I knew then what I now know, I would have treated her better. Since the age of 18 I had depression. I too tried to self medicate and do myself in, not knowing there was a better way, antidepressants. So at the age of 25 I was able to pull it together and have a great family. I've been doing good, had some hard times but worked it out. Had also been in 2 rear end car accidents. Well, like I said, too much to tell all. My fibro flared up when my beloved friend and husband of 33yrs died. That's a long story. He could still be alive today if the dr. would have done the testing I asked. The fibro became full blown. I work with my hands in electronics. I worry like crazy what is going to happen when I can't do it anymore. Money benefits gone. What's going to happen to me?

Hi Victoria,

What a touching story! You have had all the reasons to trigger your fibromyalgia and the flares. Have you got any hobbies? Are you self employed or do you work for an employer? I am sure you have many skills that you could use to make money. Any feedback?
Best wishes and keep contact.

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You are Amazing
by: Beatrice Caraballo

Hello Victoria,

You are an amazing woman! I am honored to share in your Fibro Blog.

We share much in common... I was molested by my brother and his step-son at the age of 5; attempted rape twice by a family friend and my boss who drugged me; 2 miscarriages; physical abuse (domestic violence) displaced jaw and cut head; dad comitted suicide in my house; mom died from colon cancer 2 years later; tore my knees at a bodybuilding competition.

I became depressed after the violent death of my husband. I became suicidal when the physical abuse began in my second marriage. Thanks to our Heavenly Creator this has all past and the relationship my husband and I have now is amazing.

But the agony of this Fibro pain and not being able to work to make money and help my husband is causing me to be depressed again. He tells me he can handle it, but I know how difficult the responsibilities are right now.

I have tried to keep myself strong by watching the teachings of Joyce Meyer and by studying the Bible everyday. I pray you have relief and will be provided for in order for you to get better.

Take Care,

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