Lulu Langford

by Lulu
( Lesmurdie Western Australia)

I identify with your story - my daughter lived it, and more. Along with crippling CFS which came close to claiming her life many times, she fought a painful personal story that claimed the life of her new husband, her child and personal attack that I know most of us could not cope with. For many years I nursed her and carried her around, it cost my life savings, put me heavily in debt, cost most of our friends and family, and my professional credibility.

I am an integrative health professional and despite years of study, writing and research I could not easily find answers. I remember once, after she collapsed in public and people stepped over her calling her a drunk, drug addict and self abuser, then doctor after doctor at ED telling her they would not treat her unless she agreed to admission as a mental health patient, even demanding she show trackmarks and allow for examination of self abuse (she was 39kgs and could not walk unaided) they dismissed her, telling me to take her home and make her as comfortable as I could, for however many days she had left - but did not think she would last the night.

That day, I vowed that when (not if) I found the answers, I would share them for the rest of my life. My marriage was over, as was my career. I was her full time carer unable to even get government support. If not for a few kind (if misunderstanding) people and church, we would have been homeless. She had gone from a black belt, wildlife rescuing artist to incapable of even feeding herself.

Today, she is a flight attendant, as fit as she ever was, and without a sign she was ever so sick. In the 4 years since her cure (a word many have a problem with), I have spent my days advising and supporting sufferers of invisible sickness, all over the world. Unfortunately, despite constant successes, only 1 in 10 even want to know. Some have even suicided in frustration after refusing to listen. Others declare that no one could have been as sick as they are, and that they are happy to lose health insurance and spend all they have, on mind numbing analgesia and anti depressants, than try just one month using my protocol.

Truth is, I am yet to see one single sufferer not respond as my daughter did. There never will be a magic pill or vaccine that is going to fix this. It didn't appear overnight and like the myriad causes/triggers, every aspect of health must be addressed in order to heal. This involves
diet (boy, do people have this one wrong), toxicity, body work, adjuvant therapies for relief, and the right supplementation (again, this is a massive cost and usually way out of balance even by well educated and experienced professionals).

In order to help my daughter, it cost many tens of thousands in trials of so-called dedicated supplement combinations - eventually it worked, but towards the end, I found the same - actually, better combinations in just 3 different supplements - with one extra that could be used if pain was still present (in around 1 out of 4 cases). Additionally, the brain tonic helps with myalgia, brain fog and depression - the latter I believe is not the same as everyday depression, as it is triggered by frustration and misunderstanding.

Most days I finish work in frustration - for every 'win' ie every cure, there is a barrage of abuse and dismissal. I hate to think that what began as a syndrome or symptom set that affected 1 in 1000 or more, is now less than 1 in 100. I have lobbied every charity group, donor group, government and medical group to get this out there - all to no avail. So, one-by-one I share this story. I also have a health blog - and a facebook page that helps many more - Chrysalis Health.

Thankfully many other naturopaths, pharmacists and GPs are now following my suggested protocol, although as there is no money to be made in it, I don't see it being taken on as the mainstream ideal. Current affairs programs do not want to share this, nor do other health outlets, but that will not stop me. I am not about to bombard you with information and understand if you are over having so many offers. But every day I make a point of contacting a handful of strangers, on top of my growing patient list. Thankfully the advice is free, the treatment protocol is wholesale and individuals can take it or leave it.

I have many patient testimonies and can send you some if you are keen to know more. FYI the supplement combination covers a) multi nutritional par excellence with superfoods, anti oxidants, fulvates, minerals, vitamins and more, b) anti inflammatory with thousands of individual studies done, known as the world's best anti inflammatory, and c) cell renewal which I liken to stem cell therapy but plant based. Together, this trio is capable of reversing all symptoms of 'invisible auto immune disorder' regardless of 'diagnosis' - in fact, it is capable of turning any case around, regardless of cause or severity. I see the effects every day - how can I not share?

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