It doesnt exist, but here is your diagnosis

by bridgett smith

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist who told me she didn't believe in the illness. She told me that it was in my head and I need to see a mental health professional to be treated. This doctor never listened to anything that I would try and tell her. My visits with her always left me in tears because I was wondering if this excruciating pain that I was feeling was really in my head. I have seen plenty of other doctors just like her until I just gave up. I don't know how to make my family understand the pain and the fatigue. I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy, but maybe on a doctor that says it doesn't exist.

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Shocking treatment
by: Anonymous

That is just shocking! But yes they know nothing. Only 2 years ago IBS was "a figment of our minds". Now they concede there is a problem...Hmmm maybe the millions of Americans and Brits reporting problems has helped!
I was a medical marvel for many doctors and consultants with my IBS symptoms and aches and pains all over my body! I wonder if they actually read anything or just dismiss the latest thinking as rubbish because it doesn't fit with their med school training.
As I said to one of them "well bloody something’s causing me pain all over the place and it can't be a tumor causing pain in my foot, bowel, upper back, neck and head now can it?" Funny I never saw him again :-)

Anyway you are not alone...It's the same in the UK and I wonder how many people are walking around with all sorts of symptoms but have just given up on the med world sorting it out!

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