I want to know all about fibromyalgia

by Kymberlee

I am a 42 y/o female. I had a minor back injury at work that has now progressed into what was initially the worst nightmare I could have never imagined. I started to develop severe indescribable pain throughout my body (especially my legs). I went from being an active, fit strong independent mother of two wonderful teenage daughters to a miserable isolated pain filled dependent drug taking, dreams ruined life and changed middle aged woman. I don't have a confirmed diagnosis from a physician but being in the medical field for 20 yrs now I believe I have a form of fibromyalgia. My symptoms are not typical and now that I am on methadone three times a day (and prednisone for flare ups) I am able to be a part of life again - not the kind I ever imagined but honestly I am the luckiest (& blessed) person around despite this medical problem.

Doctors are rarely helpful or understanding. Sometimes I wish I could record some of the absurd comments they make. My job is in jeopardy and I don't seem to be too happy most times. I feel like I am just living "one day at a time" waiting to see how I awake, the degree of pain I'll have so I can try to plan my day. It all seems ludicrous to me when I sit to think of it. Or better yet, ask ~ why me? Not too sure what's next or what to expect. So I am here seeking to learn all I can about it all.

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Don't you want to just hit someone when they don't think it's as bad as you're making it?
by: Zoe

Oh how much do you want to hit the person? Dr that tells you that you just have to work through the pain? I have had it now for 10 yrs & have tried homeopathic & meds. I prefer homeopathic but it cost $664 a month so back on meds. The best meds that have worked for me is Savella & Wellbutrin but, alas, I've grown a tolerance to them as well. The antidepressants work to numb your nerve endings. The pain pills take away pain but nothing else. The fatigue, fibro fog, the shortness of breath, endurance or lack of, swelling... matter of fact meds make your stomach hurt, feel sick & or may get sick. Hydrotherapy works wonders plus massage therapy, acupuncture, & chiropractic therapy. Also I have a sleep number bed that cuts down on stiffness & insomnia. You almost have to have one when chronic fatigue kicks in. The Dr's are at the point of recommending disability, I feel that would be utter defeat. So I go through many jobs. One thing I do that helps but is very hard to do is keep decreasing my meds until I'm off of them. Then after a couple of weeks go back on. B/c of that I haven't had to take major drugs. After 10 yrs, many drs & books that's all I've figured out.

With love
by: Belen

"The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can." Mike Dooley

I think this guy is good.

My thinking is that sometimes to overcome every problem, included the physical ones, you need positive thinking and energy (that is fundamental), and sometimes difficult and hard.

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