Hope for those listening!

by Robert

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome and if you look up the definition it’s symptomatic, people who suffer similar symptoms and cannot be diagnosed with a disease at current moment. This is not to say your not in pain but its your diet, environment and life style over extended periods of time that can cause all the problems your experiencing. Hormone levels are off and can cause a lot of issues and it trickles down into other problems. If you want to get better start with a strict diet with as little sugar as possible preferably none and take a wheat grass supplement worth every dime. Take a multivitamin with breakfast low fat yogurt and try to stop eating junk no grease no fast foods just lots of veggies and grilled chicken healthy stuff and do as much exercise as possible till you build up more and more strength it will take all of your might but you will see what’s been killing you after a week of this diet. I feel for people suffering and I was in the same condition as most of you but until I was desperate enough to try anything even a diet it just didn't get any better. I cannot say I’m a 100% but I’m almost there and realize that soda was one of the worst things plus my lack of nutrition and exercise almost killed me. If you smoke and expect to get better you’re kidding yourself. You’ve got to take action or you will die. My mother died from this type of syndrome (lack of care for one’s self) and if I can convince you to change you will get better. I’m not looking for haters to post negative comments just trying to help those who have no hope. The truth will set you free god bless!

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