Finding Hope While Grieving Losses - Orphan Dreams Exist !

by Susan H. McIntyre
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA)

This is the poem I wrote on the day I found hope. I had gone through years of mechanically following cancer, fibro, migraine, asthma, etc. etc. etc. treatment. Nothing I had hoped to do was possible anymore. I was in deep grief for the loss of dreams. Then one day this poem came to me, and I realized that there could be a better life to come. If you are grieving the loss of old dreams and need hope, I hope this poem will help. I have since written a book by the same title, and never before had I thought I would get to be an author/poet. Now, after all the crud, my own orphan dream is bearing fruit. I'm not trying to get you to buy my book. Just read the poem and take heart during dark times.

Orphan Dreams

I tripped over something today –
Nearly fell flat on my face.
It wasn’t there yesterday,
Yet there it sat, quietly
Looking at me with hope in its eyes.

I examined it carefully,
Apprehension made me cautious.
A fearful whimper escaped
As it waited, quivering,
At my approach.

It lay cold and fading
In the darkness of abandonment.
Old dreams had perished
Leaving no one to care for
This tiny little spark of life.

Instinct took over as I gently
Wrapped it in a blanket.
It gazed curiously in my arms and
As it snuggled for warmth,
This lonely orphan dream began to move.

Quietly the dream crept into my heart
As if it knew it was home.
It curled up peacefully, knowing
I would protect it and
Nurture it back to health.

The dream began to glow with light,
Growing in ways never known before.
It led the way to places
Neither of us expected,
Bringing hope and joy to us both.

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by: T

Absolutely felt your words... Thank you x

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