Fibromyalgia And Cognitive Dysfunctions

by Susan Wong
(Florida, USA)


A.C. Abel, M.V. Montse, I.B. Iker, J.M. Juan, F.C.S.Felix
UIC Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain
This study evaluated the cognitive dysfunction in a group of patients suffering from Fibromyalgia using standardized neuropsychological tests.
Conclusions: Compared with the Spanish population for age, sex and educational level, FM patients showed high frequency of cognitive dysfunction which could be included as mild cognitive disorders according to the WHO (1992). Abstract text for book

This is an interesting study

What they say is that if you're sick your cognitive functions are decreased! How surprising!!

It reminds me of a recent lecture I attended on people reaching the age of 100 years old. The main conclusion of this worldwide study by an overpaid specialist was that people reaching the age of 100 years old were in good health at 90 years old!! What’s the next study? People alive at 100 years old were alive at 90?

Here we are in the same type of study and real scientists would have the ability to see the shortcomings of this study. What is the interest to compare a sick population with a normal one for cognitive function?
None, because any sick population has cognitive impairment!

Anyone has experienced this simple fact: when you get tired your cognitive functions are impaired. This is just by getting tired,
not even being sick! If you're tired your ability to drive is seriously impaired because your cognitive functions are decreased. Would you tell your kids to stay up all night before an exam?

So, if anyone wanting to look clever is able to publish articles about this study without seeing the facts, they are just trying to be clever but aren't.

And what about the medications? Are those people included in the study not taking any medication for at least 5 times the 1/2 life of side-effects of the medication (to make sure it's out of the body)?

All patients taking Lyrica have cognitive impairments due to Lyrica. Most fibromyalgia sufferers either take Lyrica or an analogous drug! So what's the point comparing them to a normal population?

That's a double whammy: not only they must have cognitive dysfunction because they're sick but also because they are taking drugs that give them cognitive impairment. So the minimum intellectual honesty would have been to compare them to a population without fibromyalgia but taking the same drugs for another reason! Or even for no reason at all. It has been shown in the case of Lyrica (pregabalin) that healthy volunteers on Lyrica all develop cognitive dysfunction.

If I want to sort out pears from apples I ask my grand child, not a team of searchers!

Dr Susan Wong

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Dr Susan Wong
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where Dr Susan Wong is located in Florida?????

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