by Amber

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on January 23, 2011 by Dr. Pellegrino in New Philadelphia, Ohio. My doctor told me to get multiple therapies such as Physical, Mental, and Massomassage. Physical therapy, my mom's insurance covered, but Massomassage they didn't. My school's Principal doesn't seem to like to own up to the fact that there is such thing as Fibro. He forces me into running as hard as I can in Phys. Ed when I'm not feeling well. He treats my absences as unexcused when caused by leg and back pain. I'm bullied regularly and my teachers do nothing about it because it is about Fibro. I know that I've felt invisible for the past few weeks because my mother and father don't seem to pay any attention to my pain. They just tell me to take Ibuprofen and I'll be fine. My mother had taken me to my therapies until her insurances stopped paying for my braces last month. I've felt very achy without those therapies. I had been fighting a run-around since I was about 6 years of age, trying to find the right doctor. I am 15 years of age now. A friend's mother, who also has Fibro, had pointed my mother and I in the right direction to Dr. Mark Pellegrino. When we finally had the diagnosis and it was over for getting the run-around, I burst into happy tears and hugged the poor guy. The best thing about this Dr. is he has it as well and he understands.

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A plan through Christ
by: Allyson

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 17 in Feb of 2011. It took 7 different chiropractors, 3 doctors, and 1 orthopedic before I finally got an answer. I've been suffering for about 4 years causing me to quit gymnastics and dance. I hate the fact that I have to take medications on a daily basis just to have the possibility of feeling like a normal person that day. I still often have sleepless nights and I dread long car rides.. I'm a college student who lives away from home but I'm trying my best to set the pain in the back of my mind and focus on studies. I am a devoted Christian and I know God has a plan for me through this. I'm just trying to figure it out and focus on my classes. I have an amazing fiancé though who doesn't mind taking care of me on the worst days.

After surgery
by: Connie

I recently had to have my 5th rib removed. Had a tumor it in. It's been 7 months ago and it seems to have increased my fibro. The pain is more intense and has increased in other areas. I'm finding it difficult to sit at my desk all day at work because the pain in my back is so extreme. Things like rising from my chair or getting out is so embarrassing because I look like an 80 or 90 yr old until I can get what I call "warmed up." If I cook, it has to be something that takes no longer than 15/20 min. because I can't seem to stand any longer than that before I'm bent halfway over in pain. I'm struggling to continue working because I have no other choice; my family is a two income household and can't function without my input.
I'm so scared that I'm not going to be able to do it much longer and I worry about our future. All of you please keep me in prayer.

by: Hope

Hi all. I'm a 26 year old black female and was diagnosed with Fibro in 2011. I've been suffering with this for the past 10 years. Living in a black community that believes in cultural rituals makes it extremely hard to live with this. They think I'm possessed with something or I'm just making up excuses to be lazy. But I'm keeping my head up, and I'm positive about life. I've found that exercise and keeping a positive mind really helps me. Anyways you only live once, so I'm just making the most of it!!

Hello fellow fibromyalgia suffers
by: Annie

Hello! It is so nice to see this site. I have just been diagnosed. I went to my GP and said I think I have fibromyalgia after years of pain, thinking it was just me being unlucky and always thinking oh I must have sat in a draft or I had over done it at work. So I feel lucky that my GP believed me. I also have arthritis in my knees and lower back. My GP has given me pregabalin and has been increasing the dose slowly, no effect yet, and I am depressed so – I am on anti depressant (Cipralex), Oramorph which I have to stop, which is ok. But what should I take for the pain? I can't take anti inflammatories, tramadol does not go with the antidepressants. Going to my GP tomorrow, any suggestions? Thank you for reading my waffle. You are all brave people try to keep smiling through adversity. I do but some days its hard xx

Anne’s quick comments If you’re in pain, tramadol is not as strong as Oramorph and it will not make you better. What you need is: increase Oramorph on demand and take magnesium chloride to counter its side effects (we’re busy preparing a page on that). As for pregabalin, you’re probably part of the great majority of people onto which its only effects are side-effects!

I am not alone!!
by: Anonymous

It took 4 doctors, a number of tests and 7 years to diagnose my fibro. My friends thought I was going crazy. The doctors thought I was just making up the pains. I got really depressed. I've taken Nortriptyline, Gabapentin, Lyrica, and other stuff I can?t remember. The most effective is Nortriptyline but it makes me sleep longer and also not good if you want to have a baby so I stopped. It makes me sad when I have flare ups just like now. I hate feeling weak. I am glad to know that there's other people who have my pains and I am not alone...

fibro - help
by: maria

I just found out that I have fibro. I started taking lyrica: bad side effect for me. Started savella now, only a wk so far, nothing to talk about. Last night I was reading about Ezorb vit. Does anyone have any info on this? Thank you, Maria.

Comment from Anne Maria, why would you take Ezorb? Any specific reason like osteoporosis? And what is it you call Ezorb vit? Without magnesium supplement, calcium supplement is a "bad" idea: increase in bone fractures and in heart attacks!!

Have a look at Cumbria?s advice (2 messages) about amitriptyline

Stay strong!!
by: BriAnna May

Hi Amber, I wish I could say the pain will get easier but you never know. I was diagnosed when I was 22 in Oct. 2010 and after about a month of being on Savella I could tell a HUGE difference. However, the past 1-2 months the pain has been extremely bad. I am trying to get back into going on walks but like tonight I went on 1 and now my left knee is throbbing to the point it feels worse than it used to when I'd run 3 miles. Many people don't understand fibro & since it's not a sickness that causes us to visibly be in pain they doubt our pain. I hope everything gets easier! And remember you can't always change your situation but you can always change your attitude about the situation. Follow me on twitter briannamay1... I'd love to see your progress in learning to manage your fibro. Good luck & stay strong!!

We are treated so badly!
by: Sue Wright

Hi Amber,

Your story really touched a lot of us I speak for other fibromyalgia sufferers). You say it so well: we are treated so badly by ignorant people and not the least by ignorant doctors! Because the pain is something they can't see, they bully us. But often that is a sign of their desperation to be useless at what to do to help. So don't look at them as bad people but as people frustrated by their failures to bring us relief.
I have used the books they've published on this website and they helped me but also helped my relatives to understand.

You're obviously a bright and courageous girl. We are all sorry for you but also very proud to have such a beacon in our daily fight.

We're looking forward to your writings.

Big kisses


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