Fibro or Lupus?

by Kyra
(Aurora, IL, USA)

In my 20's I was diagnosed with a mild case of lupus. My SED rate and ANAs have always been abnormal. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibro. I didn't believe it because I thought the doctor really knew what was wrong with me. I am now 50. The symptoms of fibro and lupus overlap. Over the last several years I have fallen at least 15-20 times.

2 concussions, broken arm, stitches… My left foot tends to catch every crack in sidewalk or it turns. I've tried different shoes to no avail. Now I get dizzy and have been using a hiking stick when I walk to get exercise. The heat and sun now makes it hard for me to do any outside work and I'm in charge of the maintenance of the house I live in. The evenings are better for me. I need a lot of sleep. A few weeks ago I was sleeping 12-16 hours a day and still was able to fall asleep when I went to bed. I've recognized a pattern that when I work hard on one day, its a guarantee that the next 3 days I will not be able to do much at all but sleep. For about 2 years now I forget common words and don’t remember words during a conversation. Or I'll say a word like 'car' when I mean to say 'chair'. I don’t remember directions when I'm driving and I have to be very aware of my surroundings because I've blown stop signs not even seeing them.
I have had an MRI of my brain because my psych wanted to rule out MS. I had one insignificant lesion on my frontal lobe.
I am currently unemployed and very concerned about working with these symptoms. Last July I did quit my job after working 61/2 years in a prison as a counselor. I couldn't handle the stress any more.
I am bi-polar and stable now after 3 yrs of hell. I really need some help because my unemployment won’t last forever and I want and need to work.
My doctor also has lupus and told me that if I need to sleep then sleep. I missed multiple days of work due to needing to sleep. I'm now taking a multivitamin
I would be grateful for any suggestions and feedbacks.
Thanks, KP

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Same here
by: Annie

I do house work one day. And need three days sleep. Going out for a walk is the same. I have anxiety and arthritis and Fibro, just had a really bad week, and can't face another like it. But I know I will have more, meditation has kept me going this week, but it’s been hard. Sorry to moan, but sometimes feel alone in a crowed room if you can understand! Xx

Fight for disability
by: Cheryl

I fought for disabilty for 8 years and finally got it. I am in the same boat with lupus, fibro, bipolar
Life is hard but if u need advice I'm here
Cheryl OBrien

i really know what you mean!!
by: vero

Its maybe the first time i read a story that really remember myself... being dreamy all day no matter the time you slept the night before... when i work a day I need 3 to recover... the only thing whe can do is keep fighting. Thanks for posting

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