Fibro and shingles

by Teresa Peake
(Ewa Beach Hawaii)

My name is Teresa, I was diagnosed 15 years ago, I have also had shingles 4 times. Hmm maybe since the nerves affected in Fibro might be caused by the zoster virus that causes shingles, it lays dormant then is triggered by a stressful event. I have been researching this theory and a lot of fibro sufferers have had multiple shingles outbreaks. Funny thing is my shingles doesn't cluster they come as blisters but after the first two episodes now I get them sporadic in different places. They are blisters with clear liquid but not in bunch. When the Dr. says I don't think that is shingles several people around me turn up with shingles all over the place, not a coincidence, I am curious if others out there have had this happen?

Just maybe if the virus is treated we won't keep having fibro diagnoses

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Multiple shingle bouts
by: Marnie

I've had shingles well over 30 times & this year after it only being on my left face, it went to the back of my right thigh. With fibro, shingles, etc I find I'm always the exception to the rule (like shingles only happens once)

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