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by: Anne

My single personal experience with acupuncture was many years ago. I had an acute low back pain. One of my friend, a surgeon well trained in acupuncture who had a PhD in work he did using acupuncture with injured karateka’s suggested to do a session with me. He inserted a needle in my ear lobe. I was supposed to keep it in until it fell away on its own. It worked marvel ! The pain on the ear was so intense I forgot about my backpain and I removed the damn thing to cure myself. I believe that distraction works very well for chronic pain, and as would say some of the highly knowledgeable in distraction, the more expensive the best ! In all parts of medicine the placebo effect is at least 40% and without it very few treatments would work ! Distraction Distraction is the keyword !

Acupuncture for polymyalgia
by: Dr Charlotte Paterson

Your members might be interested in my recent blog about Chinese medicine acupuncture for polymyalgia:

I am happy to come and give a talk/discussion about this, or to talk/email individuals about possible treatment

Best wishes to you all

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