At last an answer!!!

by Steve

Since Feb 2011 I have been suffering from what GP's and specialists called IBS. What they couldn't understand was why my neck and upper back became really sore and then my elbows and even the ball of my left foot all got sore in intermittent bouts of pain.

My back got so sore it radiated out towards my left arm and was simply agony! I couldn't move for days and only large doses of ibuprofen got me going again.

I have suffered with very stressful personal situations just a few months before and I guess this is what all triggered this dreadful affliction. I searched and searched for answers and only stumbled upon fibromyalgia as a condition, but when I looked at the symptoms I could tick virtually all of them!!!

Part of me is so glad I now know what is wrong but the medical world just passes you off as a hypochondriac. I have had scans, X-rays and all manner of blood, stool tests. I have had painful internal exams and not one doctor mentioned this condition as a possibility.

It was only the pain in my body that made me research what the heck was going on. I have made life changes to avoid stress and am going to do all I can to get rid of this terrible thing that strikes me down.

Good luck to all and if anyone needs help or advice my personal e mail is

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by: Tinalynn910

I’m 62 years old and I have had this for over 30 years but I also have lupus,Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis but I break bones very easy I’ve. Had two neck surgeries and the second on left me on life support for a week than nursing home for 3 months now they want to do again and back surgery also I have never heard of this chocolate cold or whatever it is but I would love to try anything that will me I take so much meds now and pain meds two new ones just last week I have long hair that I have always wanted but now every time I brush it a hand full of hair fall out I’ve been married for 33 years now but I can’t talk to my husband about anything or the next day he will have something worst .i can’t talk to my children about it or anyone else for they think this is me being a hypocrite. Me and my husband hasn’t been close for over two years I have my own bedroom because of hurting so bad at night I stay at a pain level of 7-9 everyday I just need help

Help for Fibromyalgia
by: Lynette Henk

Glad to hear you finally have a diagnosis. For years I kept trying to find out what was wrong so someone could fix me. You know, find that perfect little pill that makes everything better. What I have learned over the last 10 years is that there is no perfect little pill that makes fibromyalgia go away. I hope you have found a good rheumatologist that will work with you on natural things as well. I say this because there was a point that I was on over 11 medications at once and I was no better for it. Someone told me about cold pressed chocolate that was high antioxidant and that helped some. But honestly when I added this Cold pressed chocolate meal replacement shake for breakfast it really helped me. My fibromyalgia did not magically disappear but I was able to get off many of my medications which was the goal and improve my quality of life a little bit. Once you are taking all kinds of medications it really can wreak havoc on your entire system. My hair got very very thin and I looked sick. You know how people say you look fine with fibro, well I did not and I think it was the prescriptions. So what I am saying is try to find a natural cure if possible. I am not crazy and saying don't take any prescription medications, I am just saying be prudent and take what is necessary. Don't take what won't help you because it was prescribed by the doctor. I was spending over $400 a month in prescription co-pays for my insurance every month. Now I pay less than that for my X-protein meal breakfast shake & the small amount of prescriptions I do take. I literally have my shake for breakfast in the morning and I have much more energy and less pain. This is great for those days you feel like you can't even get out of bed because the pain is so intense and you can hardly keep your eyelids open.

Another difficult story!
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last week :-( ....... I have been suffering with pain for a few years now and have had soooo many tests and xrays but of course they were all clear. I have also suffered with endometriosis all my life and last year had a hysterectomy. When I still complained of being in pain the doctor referred me to a specialist and so the diagnosis was finally made! I have been taking panadine forte, 8 per day on and off for pain. It's the only way I can work and still function day to day! The specialist wants to get me off these, so since last week I have been on Pristiq 50mg, and endep 10mg, as well as a norspan patch for pain relief to get off the panadine forte. The plan is to eventually be off the norspan patch as well, though currently I am still needing both! So far no side effects from the Pristiq or endep except got feeling a bit tired.
I am relieved to find this site, where I can find others who understand the frustration, and sadness of coping with this illness. It's horrible to be in pain all the time, but look perfectly fine. A doctor in emergency actually said to me “you don't look sick....”. Yet they had to give me 2 injections of morphine to stop the pain!! Friends and family just don't seem to understand what I am going through, and I've stopped talking to them about it as I can see they are sick of hearing about it. I'm just glad my illness has a name and that now I hope that I can find a way to deal with it and start living my life again...... I am 45 years old and I used to fit and healthy. Once my energy returns, I hope to be that again.....

Congratulations (!?!)
by: Fibrofitt

So glad you finally got a diagnosis Steve. It is a difficult one to pin down and most of us only get a diagnosis after everything else has been eliminated. There is a lot of evidence that chronic fatigue and IBS go alongside Fibromyalgia and I experience these also. Lots of rest where possible, try to reduce your stress levels if you can and although it hurts, gentle exercise and stretching really does help - just don't go beyond the pain threshold. Also do use relaxation and breathing exercises.
Good luck. It must be hard for a guy to live with this condition as most of us are women and will experience life in a different way. I hope you find a way to tolerate your diagnosis and keep positive. Remember, it is only one small bit of you so don't let it take over your life. xx

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