Fibromyalgia Test: Get Treated Faster

Fibromyalgia test may help you to know your probability of suffering from fibromyalgia.

To test for fibromyalgia is entirely based on clinical signs.

Use it to get heard!

Calculate Your Probability

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A Female
B Male
A Multiple pains
B Fatigue-Tired
C Family History of Fibromyalgia
D Family History of IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome)
A Poor Sleep
B Morning stiffness
A Chest problems
B Abdomen problems
C Pelvic problems(pain, bladder, sex, rectum)
1 Pelvic Pain
2 Bladder problem
3 Sex problem
4 Rectum problem
6 Other pelvic problem
A one joint pain
B many joints pain
A Skin sensitivity
B Mucosa sensitivity
B1 Mouth
B2 Eye
B3 Genital
B4 Rectal
C Hearing sensitivity
D Taste sensitivity
E Smell sensitivity
F Acne, rosacea, Dermographism (can write on skin with finger) Skin hyperhemia (skin gets suddenly bright red)
A Dizziness - Loosing balance
B Feeling Very hot / Very cold
C Foggy brain
A Poor circulation
B Pins & needles
C Numbness
A Headaches
B Backpain
A Yes
B No

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No laboratory testing for fibromyalgia exists at present. Any laboratory testing is done to eliminate any associated problems that may compound fibromyalgia such as thyroid test, Vitamin D levels etc…

The classical definition of fibromyalgia delays the diagnosis and does not take in account the numerous signs and symptoms that are part of it.

For example:

Family history of fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia and sex dysfunctions are not taken in account in the classical diagnosis. But they are so frequent that they should be part of it.

Very often, the numerous signs point towards the diagnosis long before the classical distribution of pain points. This allows an earlier treatment and avoids getting into a chronic state that is so difficult to treat.

This test does not replace a consultation by a doctor. It helps put together the signs and symptoms and gives a probability of diagnosis.

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Fibromyalgia Test helps to get treated earlier