“Apprehension, uncertainty, waiting, expectation, fear of surprise, do a patient more harm than any exertion” Florence Nightingale

Dear all,

We are offering our readers an opportunity for free.

Some of you have perhaps seen a recent publication on the use of magnetic fields in pain control. We have been approached with a proposal for a form of pulsed magnetic fields that may be of use in fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms. It is not a therapy because all it does is to help the cells involved to heal themselves.

We all know that our best doctor is our own body through its ability to repair damages caused to it. However, because of added stress and magnesium deficiency, our cells are unable to heal and we suffer from it. This method that is getting slowly on the medical armamentarium is becoming a method of choice for many problems.

The technique that has been proposed is attractive because it is portable: our own mobile phone to which a specific train of signals is added to use its own electromagnetic waves. Even when we don't use it and as long as it is on, those waves are actives. They may be used by adding a train of signals to make them useful to our cells by allowing the absorption of magnesium that is needed for their function.

We will keep an eye on the results and inform you. The advantage is their absence of side effects, at least not more than any you would suffer from your mobile! But we'll also keep an eye on that. Susan will follow this closely.

Big hugs to everyone. Remember you're not alone!

Anne Masterson

Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Pulsed magnetic fields are being used more and more in medical practice. Non union fractures, depression, skin ulcers, post operative pain and chronic pain are areas that are recognized in the USA. In many countries many more applications are used.

However, the equipment used is often applied in hospitals because of its price and volume. Some equipment is portable but the value for price is debatable because of a lack of power.

I have been looking at this technique for many years, especially at its way of working. Many theories are being discussed and I do favor the transcellular membrane ionic movements and mainly that of magnesium. But I would need a very long space to explain all of it. In summary, our cells being deficient in magnesium do lose their ability to absorb magnesium. This can be restored by the use of pulsed magnetic fields as has been used by NASA.

The frequencies to use are dependant on the problem to solve. Depression and pain need different frequencies. But the origin of the problem or the associated problems must also be taken in account. For example, primary osteoporosis is different from secondary osteoporosis. For different problems and different situations (for example an elderly will have vascular problems that a young ones with the same pain won't have). Therefore, each one of us is different and needs a specific approach. This individualized approach is most important.

I have kept over the years a database based on papers published on pulsed magnetic fields. This has also been done by a colleague who was also interested in this approach. He recently had the brilliant idea to use the mobile phone that we all have as a support for this.

For those interested, they will get a password giving them access to a series of questionnaires to find out what their main problems are. Depending on their responses, a specific and individualized program(s) will be set and sent to them by email.

All that is necessary is to download it (as a "tune" in mp3) on your computer and then on your mobile. You will be given instructions on how to use it (for example, you may mainly suffer from a pain in the knee and you will play the "tune" whilst applying your mobile on your knee (putting it in a case and strapping it over your knee). This may be used as often as possible during the day. Each program will last about 30 minutes.

We have tried it with success in a few individuals. The main problems are the download and the transfer to your mobile. Before starting we'll send you a real tune so you will first make sure you can do the transfer. We cannot help you with that because there are many phones with different programs. What counts is that you can download an mps file and play it back as a tune. We may find a few other problems on the way and we do expect this first offer to take a while before drawing a conclusion. You will have to report back to us so we can follow your results and perhaps adjust your own program(s). We will also give you a few other instructions on added ways to get better such as specific diets.

We do expect a few hiccups on the way because there are so many different situations. Do it only if you're not in a hurry and able to keep your expectations reasonable. Only the first ones will be entered in this free offer.

Let's remember: this is not a treatment nor a diagnosis. Keep your treatments as usual and consult your doctor as needed.

Susan Wong, MD

See you next time and don’t forget: You are not alone!

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